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Side Hustle Society

Powered by Zerret was started as a labor of love with no plans for formal fundraising, but the need to support our entrepreneurs is great and we are having real impact, as a result have been asked by many to expand. Since June 2021, Powered by Zerret has granted $87,550 to 35 grantees across the United States. The grantees used this funding to expand their "side hustles" in a variety of ways, including, expanding inventory, marketing efforts, team headcount, and other business enablers.

We're calling on you to join the Powered by Zerret Side Hustle Society and help continue our mission!

Side Hustles are businesses that generate income and occur in the informal sector, these businesses are commonly considered job-adjacent work and appear to be embedded in the formal economy. PBZ entrepreneurs are not in part time jobs, they are aspiring CEOs whose goals are to transition from their current employment and grow their businesses to formal enterprises.

This sector is growing rapidly, a recent Bank of America survey found that 62% of Gen Z’ers and 56% of Millennials started a side hustle since the pandemic began. Additionally, the U.S. Census data showed new business formation rose by 42% in 2020. This growth is fueling the economy. While venture, equity and conventional funding sources have expanded in recent years, except for BIPOC entrepreneurs and for those with side hustles this market is non-existent. PBZ wants a role in closing this gap and ensuring these entrepreneurs do not miss this economic growth period.

We believe that PBZ entrepreneurs are not only critical to empowering their communities and the broader economy, but for corporations they are an untapped resource to expand their Supply Chain pipelines with innovative, nimble, and agile diverse business enterprises.

We ask that you consider a personal commitment and or sharing with your corporation’s giving/ philanthropic arm.

Investment Menu

Transforming Member – $125,000 or greater
This level of membership will have the highest level of impact - supporting 20-30 grantees in amounts from $2,500 to $5,000.

Lifting Member – $5,000-$124,999
This level of membership will impact 2-15 grantees in amounts from $2,500 to $5,000. 

Fueling Member – $10-$4,999
This level of membership will fund a range of business enablers and grantees, including:

  • $100 – Purchase business licenses

  • $500 – Technology support

  • $1,250 – 50% of the average PBZ grant

  • $2,500 – 100% of the average PBZ grant


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