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Powered by Zerret 

Powered by Zerret is proud to support the range of entrepreneurs who make up our grantee cohorts. Learn more about them below.

Kinsey Wellness & Communications

Summer 2021 Grantee

A natural advocate for health equity, Dalia Kinsey’s passion for social justice and creative freedom is what inspired them to establish their business. They now are running workshops centered on diversity and inclusion in healthcare and QTBIPOC focused retreats.Their work started after they became a dietician and worked in public health for a few years. After witnessing how marginalized groups of people were being denied access to adequate wellness and stress management, they decided they had to do something about it. “I saw a need and followed my passion for health equity and social justice,” Kinsey, one of Powered by Zerret’s Summer 2021 grant recipients, states. While passion is enough to get a business started and out the door, sometimes burnout can creep its way in. However, Kinsey does not let that stop them. “I have definitely had exhausting seasons in my business but the mission to amplify the health and happiness of QTBIPOC keeps me going,” they said. The PBZ grant helped Kinsey record and release a backlog of educational podcast episodes. “This freed up time for me to focus on booking engagements and networking.” 


If you’re interested in diversity and inclusion in healthcare or want to know more about QTBIPOC wellness, then be sure to look into Kinsey Wellness & Communications, LLC. You can find them on their website: They have also published a book titled Decolonizing Wellness: A QTBIPOC-Centered Guide to Escape the Diet Trap, Heal Your Self-Image, and Achieve Body Liberation, which you can find in major bookstores!

My Girlfriendz Place

Fall 2022 Grantee

Fall 2021 PBZ Grant recipient Connie Spruill is working hard to make sure that every woman feels seen, connected, and loved. Her business, My Girlfriendz Place, a boutique, café, and meeting event space, is helping her accomplish that goal. The inspiration for creating an environment for support came after a personal struggle she encountered. She found that the people who said they would be there for her had all but vanished. “I needed my best friend, the one who knew me since second grade and would know exactly how to encourage and strengthen me. I wondered if I could create a space for women who need the same.” Spruill says.  She didn't let her hardships define her. Instead, she used them as inspiration for a business designed to allow women to support each other. Even when things get overwhelming, seeing the results of her hard work is enough to keep her going. Her story is inspirational as she carved out a space just for women to come and be supported. “Nothing pumps me up more than hearing someone say that they feel the warmth and the love. A lot of times, people don't want to leave, that makes it all worthwhile.” Spruill states. She is using the PBZ grant  to ensure that her business is legally compliant. “With any overage, we plan to relaunch and maintain the website and do some things to enhance our curb appeal,” 


If you are a woman, no matter what age, who goes above and beyond for others, but never relaxes or takes time for herself, then consider visiting My Girlfriendz Place. It’s the place to go, whether you’re a woman who supports women, or you just want to find a friend. Visit My Girlfriendz Place website at:

Brown Girls Beauty Co.

Summer 2021 Grantee

Unapologetic, Comforting, and Encouraging. These are the words that describe January Courtney Brown, the owner of Brown Girls Beauty CO and Summer, 2021 PBZ grant recipient. It all started when Brown, a natural empath, wanted to create a platform to uplift and encourage women. “I love encouraging others to be their sure self and be unapologetic about it and making their beauty routine personal.”, she said. Without any help or experience from other business owners, she took a chance and opened her business. By doing so she found that she was natural entrepreneur, “Connecting with our customers and providing them with quality products creates relationships that keep them coming back to buy more products. God continues to bless and guide me through the process.”, Brown states. A lot of pressure comes from running one’s own business, but Brown has never cracked! When asked if she ever considered giving up on her dreams she said, “Never, there is still so much work to be done to help women look good and feel good at the same time!”.  She’s been putting her PBZ Grant to good use too! With it, Brown Girls Beauty Co. was able to upgrade their website, buy more inventory, and upgrade their marketing. 


Are you a black woman who’s looking for cosmetics but doesn’t feel seen by the beauty community? If your answer is yes, then think about supporting January Courtney Brown and Brown Girls Beauty Co. You can find her on Facebook @BrownGirlsBeautyCo, Instagram at @BrownGirlsBeauty.Co, or BGBC's website:

Trishna Monplaisir, LMSW

Summer 2021 Grantee

“Someone who has an idea that can help and or benefit others while taking the steps to execute the idea.” These are the words Summer, 2021 grant recipient, Trishna Monplaisir, used to define a natural entrepreneur. And these words are absolutely fitting to describe her and her business, Trishna Monplaisir, LMSW. Monplaisir had been doing social work for 13 years when she noticed that people needed a safe haven to express their emotions. Her business provides well-being workshops to businesses and social work schools who are looking to help young professionals and students work through their emotions while building community. It all began during the COVID-19 pandemic when she decided to start The Release Program. “I started it with the mission of sharing the importance of embedding well-being practices within Universities and Companies so that professionals can thrive holistically.” She states. This program actually provided a small scholarship to a Black Woman who needed to pay for her Social Work Licensing Exam! While helpful is a word that characterizes Monplaisir greatly, another word is caring. She cares deeply for social work and would love for School of Social Work Programs to be aware of the well-being sessions she provides to its students and alumni. “I want the school of social work programs to know that social workers and students are looking to build community and find a safe space that’s intentional while learning to care for themselves” Monplaisir says. She’s putting her PBZ grant to good use too, as she is using it to help market her programs online while hosting events for organizations and schools to learn about her program!


Do you own a business that works with Social Workers? Are you looking to help young professionals and students work through their emotions? Then consider reaching out to Trishna Monplaisir, LMSW on Instagram @trishlmsw or her website

Black Certification Agency

Summer 2021 Grantee

There is only one word that Powered By Zerret, Inc. (PBZ) grant recipient, Zaire Gary uses to

describe himself, and that’s ambitious. Through his experiences at Morehouse College and his

general entrepreneurial experiences, Gary is working hard to push his community forward with

his business Black Certification Agency. Black Certification Agency provides diverse branding,

marketing, and advertising. “We started almost 2 years ago in response to what we saw as a

broken bridge and or gap between major corporations and the Black community. We have spent

the last two years testing solutions, going to market, and attempting alternative solutions” Gary

states. “He is a natural entrepreneur, consistently problem solving and moving forward towards

success. “The prospect of being a successful entrepreneur continues to fuel me and that comes

from solving my problems so well that it cannot ever be done again.” He speaks. When it comes

to the PBZ grant, Gary used it to sustain his business until the next season. “This grant helped me

to stay in business at a time where I almost threw in the towel 100% due to tremendous



His average consumer is mid to large size brands who would like to focus on marketing or

advertising. If you fit that bill, the consider looking into Zaire Gary and Black Certification

Agency. You can find them on Instagram at @blackcertificationagency, LinkedIn @ Black

Certification Agency, Inc. and their website:

Tiffany Fowler Fitness

Fall 2021 Grantee

Health and Fitness professional Tiffany Fowler, a Powered By Zerret, Inc. (PBZ) grant recipient

knew what her calling was from a very young age and with that passion she decided to start

Tiffany Fowler Fitness, LLC. An Elementary School teacher for eleven years and a mother of

two children, Fowler became aware of the daily sacrifices that had to be made in order to foster a

happy family. She found that fitness was her saving grace. “With fitness I found self-care. I

wanted more women to experience the gift of fitness, so I created Tiffany Fowler Fitness, LLC.”

She states. Fowler defines being an entrepreneur as being naturally inquisitive and creative.

While she did not believe that she possessed these skills in the beginning, she developed and

refined them over time. “Over the years I have grown in these areas significantly. Self-

development and professional development are a crucial part of my journey as an entrepreneur,

and I enjoy seeing myself grow and change along the way!” This growth has helped her

considerably, especially in times of self- doubt. When she feels the self- doubt creeping in, the

one thing that keeps her going is her dream to live in a world of empowered women. Fowler is

using the PBZ grant to organize and help her business get into good standings with the state of

Maryland. “I am also able to purchase needed equipment that will help my clients reach their

fitness goals!” She adds.


If you’re between the ages of 30 to 65 and are looking to grow your love for strength training or

find a new joy for healthy nutrition and gain a positive mindset, then consider checking out

Tiffany Fowler Fitness, LLC. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook

@TiffanyFowlerFitness or you can check out her website:

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